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by Jiří {x2} Činčura

My Bash like prompt in PowerShell

Published 24 Jan 2016 in Bash and PowerShell

It all started with this tweet:

Pimped up my #PowerShell prompt a little. More bash-like style. #geek

And was asked what I did. It’s actually nothing special, just few things I really like while working via ssh in Bash, which is my default shell wherever possible.

So what I actually did? I just really played little bit with formatting. But the whole prompt for me is like this.

C# 6 refactoring

Published 8 Jan 2016 in C# and Programming in general

Speaking last year on MS Fest in Prague about C# 6 I got feedback I showed all the features in funny way and mostly in edge cases which were far from real world usage. And kind of questioning the usefulness of the features.

And I probably did. I tried to show the feature and also abuse it a little. So to show the features are actually useful in real world, here’s a refactoring I did yesterday evening on a few lines of code. The code was fine. But with C# 6 it’s even more fine (I think).

Open Safari tabs in background (iOS)

Published 7 Jan 2016 in Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod

When I’m browsing on my phone I either click on a link and open it in current tab or I want to open to it in background tab. There’s maybe .1% occurrence when I don’t want background tab. And ever since I remember tabs on iOS in Safari it was foreground tab. And I thought it’s given.

Two interesting edge cases for when clause

Published 3 Dec 2015 in .NET and C#

Last weekend I was speaking on a conference and one of my two sessions was about new features in C# 6. I like when people ask questions about topic I’m explaining and in this session there were two questions I’d like to share with you, because I think these are very interesting (and also I’m pretty sure it’s described to a detail in the specification, but that’s boring 8-)) and hence worth sharing.

Waiting for process to exit without blocking

Published 15 Oct 2015 in .NET, C#, and Multithreading/Parallelism/Asynchronous/Concurrency

I have been scripting something in build process of one big project where to make the final binaries bunch of other tools need to be executed. Given that this was in pipeline where most of steps were asynchronous I was eager to have this non-blocking as well and possibly introduce parallelism.

MS Fest 2015 (Brno)

Published 2 Oct 2015 in Announcements & Invitations and Presentations & Speaking

10. a 11. října to opět vypukne - MS Fest 2015. První představení v Brně (Praha a Bratislava budou následovat). Jestliže nemáte o víkendu co dělat, chtěl bych vás nalákat na svoji přednášku.

Pokud programujete v C#, jednoduše nemůžete chybět.

Tak jako vždy slajdy a dema “se dolaďují” a pokud vás něco speciálně zajímá dejte mi vědět.

Mail today?

Published 11 Sep 2015 in Cloud, Email, and Windows

I recently moved my email. Moving from Exchange 2013 to IMAP with CardDAV and CalDAV. I felt the Exchange started to be too much for me and also constraining me a little. The weird behavior of Outlook last week was the trigger.

Thanks to the option to connect to my Exchange also via IMAP exporting emails was easy. Same with contacts. The plain old CSV and that’s it. Finally the calendar. That was bit harder, because export to iCal from Outlook was, well say, dirty. But I found tool called FreeMiCal. After changing the sources a little and also doing some mass changes via Outlook I was able to export it in a format I liked and also format I was able to import into services I was testing. Once the exports were imported it was time to start consuming all the services.