x2develop.com is a brand covering Jiří Činčura's activities. That means mainly consultancy work and development work. My aim is creating great piece of code or providing information to create it, preferring long term maintenance, cleanliness and quality instead of speed or lowest price.


The consultancy work is focused on providing information to developers and companies about new cutting edge technologies available to help them create better products with less effort. I'm currently targeting relational databases, language constructs and all the core parts of language and environment, improvements related to business layers and data access layers and multithreading and parallel applications. I'm trying to understand the new technology, recognize the strong points and where it can be well used, however also the weaknesses and cases where it will not shine.


Hand in hand with consultancy work the development work goes. To actually use some new tools and trends in real world scenarios I'm developing or I'm part of development of custom applications for customers. This helps me see different teams and different needs developers have. Choosing the proper tools is then more accurate, as I can consider a lot of variables with your cooperation.

Contact Me

If you're interested in doing some work with me – either consultancy or development – don't hesitate to contact me.

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